Sunday Funnies – Inaugural Edition!

When I was a kid, there were a couple different days I couldn’t wait for. Most of all, I waited for Saturday and Sunday, but not necessarily for the reasons you might think (I didn’t start to sleep in until my university years, but that is a story for another time).

My family got the local city paper, and the real, honest to goodness truth was I waited on those suckers so I could read the Weekend funnies. Imagine: an entire four page color spread with joke after joke, drawn out (no TV!), following the action piece by piece. I loved it.

You know, there weren’t – and aren’t – that many cool horse cartoons around. I love Fergus the Horse *waves* but I haven’t found that many others that I really like.

And, as they say, if you don’t find it, make it yourself.

So I present the PONY101 WHATSITS! A Sunday weekly comic/saying/advice column starring my three favorite characters: Josie, Floki and Pasta:

PONY101 Whatsits by Jen K Blom
Horses and ponies and cats and kids, oh my!

Happy belated book birthday

So, we did it. 

Mix one pony mad kid with a writer mama, add in a little bit of Sharjah book festival magic and add a bit of determination, and voila!

It’s done. New Pony Day (both English AND German!) is out. Horse loving ladies and gentlemen, and pony mad kids, we’re starting down that ambitious road of a picture book series about Josie, her Floki, and of course Pasta. 

Next week begins the super fun blog tour, which is exciting in its own way. But nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to read it with m’girl and her seeing it up on the Zon. 

Cool. :) Happy birthday, you crazy kids. 


Coming soon! ALIEN VS PONY

Well, this book I’m also pretty excited about – presenting the next book in the series!


When they find out that the aliens are coming – and the parents can’t handle it – Floki and Josie go to their town’s rescue … but is what the alien wants and what everybody else thinks the alien want two different things?

I’ll have a release date soon. I’ve got a 5 year old on me for it, so no time to waste!

PONY101: New Sneak Peeks!

Hey pony lovers!

I am loving creating this book for my Loki. She’s really cottoned on to the fact lately that I’m making a picture book *just for her* and she is dyyying to read it.

To which I reply:

image But seriously. It’s so much fun to anticipate a thing that I can’t help teasing her a little bit. And thanks to a great husband and a great friend, we’ll have a German version released at the same time!

This is pretty exciting.

The choosing of a German book title is, however, NOT. If you never knew, German is an extremely long, complicated language, and yuck. One of the suggestions was (no lie) like ten words long!

So to have a little fun on this hot, hot day, I thought I’d show a couple peeks from the upcoming book!

True Love:

image Klaus the cat astronaut. No cats were harmed in the making of this book!

imageThank you so much to the many many people I’ve talked to over social media and email that are looking forward to this book. I’m just as excited as you are.

And I think Loki beats us all in excitement, though.